The Myth About Gutters

At S. Gentry Custom Homes, we often get asked by customers about putting gutters on the entire house.

Gutters do have a function, but they are very rarely needed on the entire home.

If your elevation design (the way your home looks from any exterior angle) causes water to disrupt your lifestyle, gutters may be the solution. If you have continual wet areas around your foundation, you may also need gutters and maybe even a drain solution.

You don’t need gutters if your home has a 6 – 10” wide roof overhang. Some builders use gravel, concrete or stone around the foundation and provide a good drainage system, in this case, you don’t need gutters. Most builders slope the ground away from the house, if this is done properly at the beginning, you may not need gutters but sometimes erosion occurs and you may have to add gutters later.

Here are 3 reasons why you would consider adding gutters:

  1. Prevent Erosion
  2. Protect Garden Beds
  3. Protect Siding or Stucco

A conversation with a builder and landscape professional can help ascertain the need, if at all, for gutters.

Cleaning Gutters

Once you have gutters, the next step is to regularly maintain them. Here are Gutter Cleaning tips:

  • It’s not just the leaves and debris you have to clean out but you also need to inspect the seams for leaks and flush the downspouts.
  • Be careful about climbing ladders, at some point, it might be worth it to hire a professional.
  • You need to clean your gutters more than once per year.
  • All Leaf Protection Systems still need cleaning.

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About S. Gentry Custom Homes:

S. Gentry Custom Homes helps you pick out the ideal build site, and together, design the perfect home that matches your dreams and desires, family lifestyle and budget. Our expert, skilled craftsmen, with whom we have had a successful long-term relationship, build your project with exacting standards. Scott Gentry is personally involved with every phase, making your dreams come true so you can share your new home with family and friends and create a lifetime of memories.


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